Abandon hope.

My name's Elizabeth & this is my record of all things tragic, beautiful, & both.

The fact that he’s probably taken so many girls back there that he can’t remember all of us makes me really really mad. I seriously should’ve hit him with that fucking shovel at my feet when I had the chance.

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The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.
Anonymous asked: We don't know each other, and I doubt we ever will, but I occasionally check on you. I feel the pain you're enduring with a loved one. I was once there, and sat there in a self-pitying stasis for over eight years blaming myself for all that went wrong, hoping and desiring a change that may or may not ever happen. Don't do that to yourself. I know how lingering attraction works, and believe me, you deserve far more than you're getting. I hope things improve for you. I truly do. ~


Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate your concern & I hope it gets better too..

He only lies close to me if I allow his hands to wander.
And of course,
I never stop him.
His lips only touch mine if it’s while we’re having sex.
And of course,
I kiss back eagerly.
He only asks me to come over if he needs money or a ride.
And of course,
I always oblige.
He doesn’t tell me he cares anymore, nor does he deny when I say he doesn’t love me.
But, of course,
I stay & hope he’s lying to both of us.
Because what else am I to do?


11:42 PM

What Am I To Do?

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